OKLAHOMA CITY                                 #248

The incident at Oklahoma City that killed women and children was reprehensable. Having said that, lets take a look and see if we can tell who killed them. 

Raid on the Federal Compound
On the anniversery of the Waco Massacre, a rented truck was parked front of the federal compound in Oklahoma City, containing the offices of the ATF and the Secret Service. A device within the truck was detonated and the resulting explosion scooped out the front of the building doing a remarkable amount of damage. At the time of this writing, the explosion has left 91 dead including 13 children. 

Media Reaction

The International Trade Cartel's (ITC) media sprang into action. In lock-step they went into a feeding frenzy blaming Islamic terrorists. They discussed ways to retaliate against various mid- east countires. Experts were brought forward who suggested air strikes, economic boycotts, strategic assassination, and SWAT team actions. Sketches were produced demonstrating the feazability of such acts. 

Then, the Federal Bureau of Investigation of Waco fame, the supposed target of the attack, pointed their finger at conservative, white, militia connected, homegrown avengers. The media theorized that the attack was in retaliation for the Weaver killings in which Federal Marshalls shot a 14 year old boy in the back, and his mother whom an FBI sniper shot in the face while standing in the doorway holding her baby in her arms. 

There was also the Waco Massacre. This was cold blooded. Scores of ATF appeared at the entrance to the Dravidian Church, demanded audience with David Koresh, its leader. When he appeared they opened fire wounding him and severely wounding several standing next to him. Then an open assault was launched against the wooden complex which was supported by helocopters flying back and forth overhead which fired blindly into the building containing women and children killing several of them. The helocopters were shot down, the ATF ground assault was repulsed with the loss of 4 storm troopers, and the rest of the ATF assault team surrendered to the Dravidians who humainly allowed them to retire to the safety of their own lines with their hands in the air. An unknown number of men, women, and children in the church had been killed. 

The FBI arrived on the scene and took over from the ATF. Their first act was to ban the press so that the world would not see what they were about to do. They brought up heavy tanks containing flame thowers - the drive of one of them being the sniper who had killed the mother, Viki Weaver. Daily the FBI spokesmen snearingly accused those trapped in the FBI net of all sorts of things later proved to be false. Media access to the condemned was forbidden to prevent the public from knowing what had already been done to them. The FBI denied the wounded women and children bandages and medical assistance. After more than a month spent demonizing the Davidians, the American public was deemed prepared for the next step. Then, 87 men, women, and children, were incininarted by heavy US Army tanks, after they had first been immobilized with poisen gas so that they would be unable to escape. 

Reports were received that the bodies contianed gun-shot wounds supposedly inflicted by black clad FBI shooters wearing gas masks, after the beseiged had lapsed into unconciousiousness. Then, the entire religious complex was burned destroying incriminating evidence. The burned bodies were taken to refrigerated morgues awaiting autopsies. Unknown to anyone, the FBI turned off the refrigeration for several months allowing the bodies to decompose beyond the ability to make autopsies possible - and further destroyeing the last shreds of proof of government wrongdoing. 

Trials was held. The FBI tried to throw the book at the Weavers. They were found innocent and are now suing for damages. The handfull of Dravidians who had left the church earlier were also found innocent of all but minor charges, but still had the book thrown at them by the government judge. 

Until this day there has been no attempt by the government to seriously discipline those involved in these murders beyond hand slaps. The government investigates itself and says that it has done no wrong. The leader of the Ruby Ridge assault on the Weavers was rewarded by being promoted to the 2nd highest post in the FBI. 

"Tears In Heaven"

"Tears In Heaven." That's the title of the picture showing the fireman remoiving the body of the child from the ruins of the Oklahoma City Federal Compound. Waco Bill proclaimed a "National Day of Mourning." Headlines proclaim: "Flag Half-Mast;" "Day of prayer;" "Suspects Lawyers Don't Want Case;" "Right-Wing Militia's Suspected;" "Rage Of America;" When asked by a reporter if "Oklahoma City" didn't compare with "Waco" - the president dropped his mask briefly and exclaimed - "No! The people at Waco were killers!" So much for the 32 Waco kids burned to death on his orders. The president solution for the disaster; stop criticizing the government, no more "Waco talk;" Commence wire taps, infiltrate organizations suspected of anti-government bias, etc. 

Waco - An Isolated Incident?

Samuel Francis writes for the Washington Times. A recent article of his criticizes the continuing "Mini-Wacos that have occured after "Waco," Mini-Wacos not reported in the media - incidents revealing a government wolf preying on the very sheep they are supposed to protect. 

On Aug 25, 1992, Donal Carlson 's home in California was invaded by Drug Enforcement Administration agents after midnight. Mr. Carlson reached for his hand gun to defend his house - the DEA shot him dead. No drugs were found. 

The DEA visited Donald Scott in October bringling the LA Sheriff's Department. Busting into his house at night the deptuy sheriff shot Scottt and killed him. No illegal drugs were found. In Sept, 1991, 60 agents from the DEA, ATF, National Guard, and the US Forest Service stormed the home of Mrs Sina Brush and two neighbors at dawn. She and her daughter were made to kneel, and were handcuffed while in their underwear. No drugs were found. 

Last summer the ATF visited Harry Lumplugh inPennsylvania. Twenty ATF forced he and his wife to open safes and hand over private papers while looking at a machine gun. While waiting, they stomped the Lumplughs cat to death. No charges were brought agains the Lumplughs. 

Last year, 4 ATF agents raided the bedroom of Monique Montgomery at 4AM. She reached for a gun and was shot to death. Nothing illegal was found. The ATF raided the home of Louis Katona III in Ohio. They roughed up his pregnant wife causing her to miscarry. Nothing illegal was found. In the Scott case, the DA found that the raid was motivated by the desire of the officers to seize the Scott's ranch under federal asset-forfeiture laws (see plank #4 Communist Manefesto). 

Mr Francis comments "In none of the cases I know about have any of the federal agents been charged; few have been disciplined; almost none made the national news." He goes on; "Congress ... should find out who authorized these and similar raids and who committed these atrocities against law-abiding citizens. It should abolish the agencies responsible, and it should make certain that the tyrants and murderers in federal uniform who planned, authorized or committed these crimes are brought to justice." 

The Second Bomb

A friend phoned and told me to watch the TV. I switched on the TV and a scene of absolute confusion unfolded. A building lay in ruins, and survivors were being evacuated. The announcer said that 70 people had been killed and that rescue efforts were being suspended while experts attempted to disarm a second bomb that had been discovered inside. Periodic reports were delivered to the announcer on the process of those dismantling the bomb. He relayed them to the viewing public. After about forty-five minutes the announcement was made that the bomb had been dismantled, but that a third bomb had been found and efforts were underway to dismantle this one also. 

In the midst of the continuing bomb dismantling progress-report a message was handed the announcer. He stopped what he was doing, read the message, where-upon, he changed the subject and the 3rd bomb was not mentioned again. For that matter the subject of the 2nd bomb that had taken so long to disarm has not been mentioned again. The very obvious question is - why? Why hasn't the subject of the 2nd and 3rd bombs been mentioned again? 

Let's see. The media says that the 1st bomb on the truck weighed 3,000-4,000 pounds. Now they say - 5,000 pounds. They didn't tell us if it was in one container, 40 one-hundred pound containers, or four 55-gallon plastic barrel containers each containing 500 pounds. I reluctantly mention the blue plastic barrel bit because the FBI now claims that blue plastic fragments were found at the scene of the explosion and that one of the suspects in Michigan had a couple of blue plastic 55-gallon barrels in his barn - along with three empty fertalizer bags and one full 100 pound bag. They did not explain what a farmer might be doing with fertalizer except to insinuate that it must have been to blow up the federal coumpound. 

Neither was it stated whether or not the federal compound in Oklahoma City contained a parking deck. It makes a difference. If it did contain a parking deck, then, two other rented trucks containing single 4,000 pound container, or 4 five hundred pound containers each, must have gained entry past the guards. On the other hand, if there was no parking deck, the four 55-gallon blue barrel plastic drums each weighing 500 pounds of high explosive must have been carried in by hand or loaded on a handlers-truck and pushed into the building. It would seem that someone would have noticed all this activity. That is, unless the backup bombs were placed there as part of a federal operation. 

If it were a federal operation - there would be no reason to notice the activity that would have accompanied such a large operation.

Track Record

Question: Would the United States Government kill its own employees to promote change in America? 

Answer: What did FDR do when he received word a month before the event that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor? Did he notify the military, or, did he let Americans be slaughtered by the thousands? The answer to that question is a matter of history. 

Michigan Militia

Oklahoma City produced another interesting piece of infomation. One female announcer when asked what made the Michigan Militia a possible center for violence stated: "They were the ones who last year attempted to seize federal warehouses where Russian tanks were stored." I hadn't heard anything about Russian tanks being stored in federal warehouses on American soil. That's something new to me. There has been nothing in the newspapers on that. The announcer had made a slip. By itself it made little sense. But, when added to the list it makes a pattern. See for yourself. 

        • Manufactured incidents justifing UN help restoring order 
        • Russian tanks stored in government warehouses 
        • Soviet military personel on US bases 
        • America denied bomb shelters 
        • America denied anti-missile defense 
        • America flooded with anti-white invaders recruited by US govt. 
        • Chlorine depressant placed in public water supply 
        • Governments attempt to dis-arm the public 
        • ITC encouraging whites to abort babies 
        • US aiding communist movements worldwide 
        • US helping overthrow anti-communist governments 
        • Continous government mini-Waco incitement 

The banks are part of the establishment. The media is part of the establishment. The ATF and the FBI are part of the establishment. "Waco Bill" is part of the establishment. Together they are like fingers on the hand making a fist. 

Two of Waco Bills body-guards witnessed things that they shouldn't have. They were transferred to the BATF. Their unit was chosen to attack the Dravidian Church in Waco. Two of the BATF agents were killed in the assault were - guess who? Would the establishment kill its own people? 

Media Teaches Bomb Making

Yesterday I went to the hardware store to buy a whet-stone. A customer came in and as a joke asked for bomb making fertilizer. The customers and everyone behind the counter broke into laughter. There had been several other jokes like that that day. 

Everyone knows how to make Oklahoma City "fertilizer-bombs." Who instructed them? The media. The announcers and their guests instructed them in every step. They went into minute detail. Experts were asked to tell the audience how to do it. The customer who made the joke bought a spade. He regaling us with the instructions he had learned from TV. However, he could hardly get a word in edgewise. Almost in unison everyone repeated what they had been told: "Take fertilizer having 42% ammonium nitrate (they all do). Mix it with heating oil at a 15 or 16 to one ratio, insert a detonator, and store in a water proof container. That's all there is to it. As the TV expert said time after time; "anyone can do it." Why do you suppose the media is so interested in having everyone in the country know how to make cheap inexpensive fertilizer bombs? 

One answer is that the ITC needs orderly markets peopled with orderly populations - people trained to accept foreign merchants, foreign products, foreign workers, who arrive with their foreign religions. Anything less hinders trade. GATT could not have been passed two years ago - only this year when enough people had been trained to accept it. (The Christian religion does not permit trade with strangers, or the acceptance of their gods. Christianity is therefore the primary enemy of the ITC. -ed.) 

The next question: How does a government make its people obedient? Reward the obedient and punish the disobedient. What excuse can be used to bring them to the proper level of subservience. Answer: First; make them rebel - then suppress them. 

If incited disorder should envelope the US as the people try to protect themselves from a governemnt gone wild, the foreigners being trained at US military bases can be armed with their own equipment stored in government warehouses, and used to suppress disorders. The unavoidable bloodshed incidental to the suppression can be blamed on them. The worse to happen to those responsible is that there will be mild reprimands - followed by promotion to second in command of the agency as was done in the Ruby Ridge case. 

It is no accident that there has been a rash of unreported mini- Waco's occurring across the country. People are being made fearful. Fearful people tend to resist tyranical authority. People must have inexpensive weapons if they are to resist. If violence becomes general it must be suppressed for the sake of international trade and prosperity. The precedent for using UN help has already been established in Ethiopia and Haiti. The precedent for sacrificing ones own people was established by Franklin Delanore Roosevelt et al. But first, one must get violence started if one is to suppress it. 

Bombs vs Blitz

In my opinion its stupid teaching the people to make bombs. With a bomb one man is worth a thousand. Bombs used for political purposes is old news for the Jewish revolutionaries in Poland, the Bolshevics in Russia, the IRA in Ireland, and the Arabs in the Near East, but Oklahoma City is the first time America saw what a bomb can do. 

Storming strongpoints can result in casualities in the range of 20% to 50%. They are costly in men an material. My own old regiment The Richmond Light Infantry Blues was a militia regiment from 1684 'till 1917, when it became part of the National Guard. It's battle standard contains so many battle streamers that a soldier can hardly get the fingers of both hands around them. Civilians have no idea what these streamers mean. Each one was won at the cost of a mountain of casualties - dead, wounded, maimed - you name it. Gettysburg alone cost the lives of half the regiment. 

Suppose, instead of storming the guns in the center of the Union Lines, just suppose, the call went out for a volunteer - just one volunteer to dress in a union uniform and drive a wagon full of explosives next to the union command on the heights. If he could give his life and save the thousands who died later on that killing field the next day - would someone volunteer? You bet they would! The chance of surviving was one in one thousand, and if captured he would be sure to be shot. But, one man's life to save thousands! Yes! Yes! 

I never heard of this Timothy James McVeigh before. He really doesn't impress me as one to put together a plan to blow up a federal compound in retaliation for Waco. It it possible to persuade a guy like Timothy James McVeigh to volunteer to be a fall guy? What could give anyone this idea. Who has forgotten that the reason the FBI framed Randy Weaver was because he would not spy for them. How was he punished? A SWAT team went up the mountain where he lived, ambushed and killed his son and his wife. Would he have still refused if he had known that they would do such a thing? I don't know. Perhaps. Randy Weaver is a gutsy sort. Still, Ruby Ridge is a marvelous object lesson to others objecting to being an accomplice of the government. 

Could it be that if McVeigh was not a willing government agent - then perhaps he was the product of an agent provocateur. What could give that idea? We remember the Arab "terrorists" who produced tapes of a US government agent inciting them to blow up the Trade Towers in New York. Does anyone wonder why the distrust of government? 


Paranoia is a way of life in America. Its a sign of the times. But, besides paranoia, there are reasons that things smell about the Oklahoma city bombing. 

First, the FBI, the guys who were in charge and ordered the final storming of the Waco church complex were the FBI. These clowns didn't even have offices in the federal building. 

Next, the ATF were the ones who really screwed up the Waco Massacre. They had enough firepower to have killed everyone at Waco in the first twenty minutes. Instead, they let a bunch of hymn singing religious weirdos capture the whole assault team, thereby becoming the laughing stock of the whole country. 

How do we explain the disarmed bombs within the compound? Who put them there? Lastly, what about the latest sisemograph story - that there were two explosions? And, most interesting of all - there were 20 employees of the ATF in that building. That's right - twenty. Guess how many were hurt in the explosion that at this writing has killed 92, including 13 children, and may possibily include 150 more? That's right - NONE." (NY Times, 4/26/95, p. A12.) 

Now the story is:

Regardless who is responsible for the attack on the Federal Compound in Oklahoma City, and the reason for the attack, the die has been cast. Talk show hosts are already pointing out that major newspapers, film, and TV media could become targets tomorrow of an irate public which has learned the technique of bomb making and its effectiveness. 

What good are black attack helicopters, black ninja-clad FBI and ATF midnight raiders, Bradley troop carriers and informers in dealing with two man and six man cells. 

My advice to the nation's public servants, its media, and law enforcement personnel is simply this - be nice.